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Hendrick Autoguard, Inc.'s Oil Change Program helps you drive with confidence by providing you with engine oil and filter changes, tire rotations and multi-point inspections for your vehicle.

Multi-point inspection includes inspection of:

*Exterior Lights  *Headlamps  *Horn  *Wiper Blades  *Tire Inflation  *Emergency Brake  *Exhaust System  *Drive Belts  *Brake Hoses  *Fuel Hoses  *Constant Velocity Joint Boots  *Transmission Fluid  *Brake Fluid  *Power Steering Fluid  *Window Washer Fluid  *Engine Coolant  *Air Filter and Breather Element. 

This plan also offers towing and roadside service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the U.S. and Canada and includes:

*Towing  *Flat Tire Change  *Gasoline Delivery  *Battery Jump Start  *  Lockout Assistance


The Hendrick Autoguard Car Care System is designed to to keep your vehicle looking good inside and out for years by protecting the interior and exterior from stains, road grime, harmful elements and normal wear and tear.  In addition, the system includes the Hendrick Autoguard Car Care Kit, which will help you maintain your vehicle's new look and luster.

Hendrick AutoGuard, Inc provides long-term protection of the appearance of your vehicle.  It also provides worry-free driving while you own your vehicle and guarantees a higher resale value at trade-in.


Hendrick Autoguard Tire and Wheel Protection Program is a comprehensive service contract program that gives you peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.  The Tire & Wheel Protection Program provides the following emergency benefits for 5 years on new vehicles and 3 years on pre-owned vehicles:

Tire Hazard Reimbursement Protection

Wheel Hazard Reimbursement Protection

Vehicle Rental Reimbursement

Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Plus Coverage



What Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Pays

In the unfortunate event your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an unrecoverable theft or accidental damage, your auto insurance company will typically pay the current market value of your vehicle less your deductible. But what if your loan or lease balance is higher than the market value of your vehicle? Answer: You would be responsible for paying off the difference, including your deductible. This can be expensive.

The reason for the potential difference is that normally the loan/lease balance decreases at a predictable amount as monthly payments are made. However, the market value of your vehicle is influenced by several variable factors (e.g. supply, demand, mileage). This means that market value often may be lower than your outstanding balance – particularly early in your contract when you have the most to lose.

GAP can help waive the difference, including up to $1,000 of your insurance deductible.

Fact #1

In 2010, a motor vehicle theft occurred every 42.8 seconds in the United States.

Fact #2

In the event of total loss, the difference between what you owe on your vehicle loan and the amount you receive from your primary insurance carrier is greater in the early years of vehicle ownership.


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